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17 Jan 2009

Naruto 431 Spoiler | Naruto Chapter 431 | Naruto 431 Manga Raw

Well, Some source says that theres no Naruto Spoiler this week. Im not pretty sure about it but maybe its true. I will announce it later if I find out ok? and one more thing. I made some corrections on this post. I change the spoiler from prediction. and give credit to the author.

Naruto 431 predictions

From: Silverblade of Narutocentral Forum

The chapter opens up to Naruto facing Pain.

Naruto: Lets do this.

Pain: Very well then, Jinchuuriki.

Summoner Pain steps forth with an array of summons. (Those crazy dogs, a beetle, a bird, a dragon and a panda.)

Naruto 431 raw spoiler pics

Naruto 431 raw spoiler pics

All the frogs prepare for battle. Tsuande and Anbu are shocked.

Naruto: Gamaken, Gamabunta and Gamakichi NOW!!!

All three toads shoot oil on the summons except the bird.

Gamaken: I missed one. My aim is bad.

Gamabunta: Shut up Gamaken four is good enough.

Naruto: Sage arts! Katon: Wildfire technique!

A powerful eruption of flames and fireballs spew forth from Narutos mouth burning the summons to a crisp. Leaving a thick smoke behind.

Pa Toad asunder the bird with a wind technique. The bird explodes into white smoke.

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